Statistics on the growth of the number of electric vehicles

High-quality equipment, specially designed for the climatic conditions of Uzbekistan

The power of our charging stations is 60-240 kW

Choose your cooperation option that is suitable for you:

We will install a charging station free of charge and pay for renting a place if:

You have your own transformer station with free power from 60 kW

The location of the planned installation of the station relates to your cadastre

Round-the-clock access to the site where the station will be installed

In this case, you will receive:

  • Rent
  • Attracting more than 70,000 electric vehicle drivers as highly profitable consumers
  • Recognizability of your main business
  • Advertising promotion of the location

Buy stations and earn a significant part of the turnover

With this type of cooperation we will provide:

  • Warranty and post-warranty service
  • Lifetime service
  • Start-up and commissioning of equipment
  • Connection of the location to a single platform of TOK BOR charging stations - no need to maintain staff
  • Instant access to a large customer base
  • Billing of charging stations. Reception and distribution of payments
  • The service center can monitor remotely the status of the station, reset errors, and update the firmware
  • Advertising promotion of the location
  • Unified pricing policy
  • Preparation of legal documentation
  • Call center 24/7 for end-user consultations

When installing charging stations, we will register your location in our TOKBOR application, on public resources where all electric car drivers will learn about you.

All stations are ONLINE

All TOK BOR stations are always connected to the server. Using our application, users receive information about charging stations and their workload immediately.

Charging stations

Grow your business with TOK BOR

With extensive experience in organizing a network of electric charging stations, TOK BOR has truly effective tools for the successful development of your business.

In addition to providing a wide range of stations - from AC stations to fast terminals from 60 to 240 kW, and equipment installation services with warranty and post-warranty service, we include each location in TOKBOR mobile application.

And this means that all electric car drivers in Uzbekistan will know about the location, status and characteristics of your charging station!

What to begin with?


Call or write to us


Our managers will contact you to clarify all questions and accept the application


The installation crew analyzes the location, points of connection to the power system and draws up a work plan


Coordination of all the details of cooperation


Installation of a charging station at your facility


Connecting to the network