TOK BOR charging stations are installed throughout Uzbekistan

TOK BOR company has been supplying, placing and maintaining electric vehicle charging stations in Uzbekistan since 2020.

TOK BOR has its own mobile application

For electric car drivers, the company has developed its independent, modern mobile application, designed specifically for the needs of customers - a tool for simplified search and use of TOK BOR electric charging stations in Uzbekistan.

Own mobile application

High level of data protection

Available for iOS and Android users

The most user-friendly interface

Integrated with local payment system

Excellent operating speed

Regular application updates for customer convenience

TOK BOR has its own service center

TOK BOR company has its own service center capable of carrying out restoration work in the shortest possible time

Availability of spare parts in warehouse in Tashkent

TOK BOR has qualified installation crews

Own installation crews performing the full range of work on commissioning and operating of charging stations. From installation of transformer substation to periodic scheduled maintenance

TOK BOR has mastered all types of connectors

Any electric car can be charged in TOK BOR network, because we have mastered all the world's generally accepted standards for charging connectors.

TOK BOR stations have already been installed in the parking lots of well-known companies