Commercial offer

The “TOK BOR” company has been supplying, accommodating and maintaining electric vehicle charging stations in Uzbekistan since 2020.

Today it is the largest operator in this field. Our network is already the largest in Uzbekistan today, and since we see huge potential in the industry, and every day a growing number of electric vehicles, we have plans to rapidly expand it and promote it in all regions of our country

Statistics on the growth
of electric vehicles number

What do we offer:

Any company that wants to increase its brand image and loyalty among an understanding audience, and most importantly, gain access to a new segment of car owners, which consists of the most highly profitable consumers, can become our partner by placing charging stations for electric vehicles at their locations.

For those organizations or individuals who also want to have a stable income, our company has developed profitable offers for the development of its own network of electric vehicle charging stations.

Our customers who have charging stations

When installing charging stations, we will register your location in our TOKBOR app, a public resource where all  electric car owners will know about you.

All stations are ONLINE

All TOK BOR stations are always connected to the server. Using our application, users immediately receive information about charging stations and their workload.


What we provide for any type of cooperation:

Only with us! When installing TOK BOR electric charging stations, we will provide the following:

High-quality equipment, specially designed for our climatic features

Installation of equipment

Registration of all legal documentation

Connecting the location to a single platform of TOK BOR charging stations

Billing of charging stations. Reception and distribution of payments

Warranty and post-warranty service

Lifetime Service

24/7 call center for consulting end users

Advertising promotion of the location

Create your network of charging stations

Having extensive experience in organizing a network of electric vehicle charging stations, TOK BOR has really effective tools for the successful development of your business.

In addition to providing a wide range of stations for any budget and technical characteristics - from AC stations to fast terminals for 40, 60, 80, 120 and 160 and 200 kW, and equipment installation services with warranty and post-warranty service, we will make each location of your charging stations network to the TOK BOR mobile app.

And this means that all electric car owners in Uzbekistan will know about the location, status and characteristics of your charging station!

What to start with?


Call or email us


Our managers will contact you to clarify all questions and accept the application


The assembly team analyzes the location, points of connection to the power system and draws up a work plan


Coordination of all details of cooperation


Installation of a charging station at your facility


Network connection