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Great deal for car dealerships

Great deal for car dealerships

For car dealership

For all Buyers of electric vehicles in your showroom, a 25% discount on charging throughout the TOK BOR network for 1 year


*The promotion is valid during the period of the bilateral agreement

The discount is provided only for the period of port rental

To attract more buyers to your car dealership, we place an advertisement for this promotion in a conspicuous place (windows, lobby, street banner or other)

You assist the customer in installing the TOKBOR app, registering it, and using the app.

A prerequisite is the replenishment of the account by the client for at least 300 00 sum.

Registration instruction

After selling the electric car, install the TOKBOR app on the owner's mobile phone
Scan QR code - App Store, Play Market
Register the owner in the TOKBOR app
Scan the QR code - here is a detailed registration instruction
Make sure he added the VIN of the electric vehicle and top up the account. Minimum amount 300 000 sum
Scan the QR code, send screenshots of user registration and account replenishment to the telegram bot to activate the discount
For dealership manager

Drawing of 3-х
iPhone 14 PRO Max

Register a new user in the TOK BOR application with a replenished account from 1 000 000 sum and get an iPhone 14 PRO Max

Managers of all car dealerships in Uzbekistan participate in the drawing

In order to get iPhone 14 PRO Max, it is necessary to register as many users as possible, who will replenish their account from 1 000 000 sum.

On December 25, we will reveal three winners who will register the most users with a balance of 1 000 000 sum or more.

*The account of a new user in the application, which has not been registered before, is counted

The electric vehicle must be in the system with a new VIN code

We can exclude a manager we suspect of fraud from the prank

We can exclude from the lottery a manager whose registered client requested a refund from the balance

The calculation of the number of new users is tied to the telegram account from which the manager writes, changing the account can reset early achievements

Car dealerships who already cooperate with us