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For corporate clients

For corporate clients

Our goal is to focus on a green future in creating a convenient and large infrastructure for charging and electric vehicles throughout Uzbekistan

TOK BOR company creates a single network of electric vehicle charging stations throughout Uzbekistan, implementing unique charging stations that have no analogues not only in Uzbekistan, but throughout the world, we approached the process of their creation very carefully and managed to accommodate all the main types of connectors fast charging and one station for most electric vehicles sold in our country. Charging of electric vehicles is implemented through a mobile application, translated into Uzbek and combined with local cards and payment systems. Fast and slow charging stations are connected in Tashkent and in the Fergana Valley, the full list can be viewed in the TOKBOR mobile application (available in the App Store and Play Market)

Today we are ready to offer a special corporate customer support program to all legal entities that purchase electric vehicles: from small and medium-sized businesses to large companies, as well as government agencies

This program provides

Replenishment of the balance by transfer

Control of all charges of your cars in your personal account