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For electric car owners

User's manual

Register in our system and get full access to TOK BOR electric stations

Register in the system

Add your car to the application by VIN number

Top up your account

Choose an electric vehicle charging station and connect the connector

Activate start by double click

After charging is complete, stop the power supply


The amount you pay includes the cost per 1 kW, the cost of renting the connector at the time of charging, the cost of renting the connector at the time of downtime (if any).

Our mobile app includes:

А) cost per 1 kW at a given charging station;

B) the cost of renting a connector for 1 minute / hour at the time of charging;

C) the cost of renting a connector for 1 minute / hour during downtime.

We will definitely check why this happened (the operator attaches the car owner’s phone number, a screenshot from the application and sends it to technical support).

You can select the type of connector for your car in the mobile application, in the filter menu. The map will show the location of charging stations with these types of connectors.

Due to the fact that on the monitor of an electric car, in most cases, in the settings there is a function to switch the charging mode from fast to slow or vice versa. It is possible that the charging mode of the electric vehicle is not suitable for this type of station.

The operator specifies through which account the application is logged in.

What is written on the screen when opening the profile.

Further development of events is divided into two branches:

1. If an individual account is indicated there, you need to check the balance and only then the standard procedure for starting charging.

2. If the company account is specified there, then the client immediately proceeds to the charging stage (without replenishing the account), if there is money on the company account. The balance of the company can be checked by the accounting department or technical support.

If the car's owner brings the car at the charging station for charging and leaves, then after the car is charged, the owner’s phone will receive a notification about the end of  car charging.

The client must send a screenshot from the application or from the screen of the charging station. We send the data to TOK_BOR_support_bot.

It's better to start charging your car at a slow charging station.

During charging, the application displays the charging time and consumed kV, also the time and amount of electricity consumed are indicated on the display of the station itself.

In the TOK BOR application, go through the items Menu-Profile-Payments, then enter the amount and press the button (TOP UP ACCOUNT). Next, on the Click page, use one of the proposed payment methods (Payment through invoicing) or (Payment without registration).

Check the Region in the app store settings, the region should be Russia or Uzbekistan, other market regions do not allow you to install the application.

There is no such way, account replenishment occurs only through the TOKBOR application, using a plastic card.

Tab (Menu) - (Profile / Authorization) - (Registration). 

Enter your contact details, click the "Register" button”.

The car port fixes the connector, near the port on the inside or outside or in the cabin, as a rule, on most cars there is a button, a lever, a cable for emergency shutdown of the charging port. Also, a similar function of the emergency shutdown of the port can be available in the on-board computer of the car.

The minimum amount to start charging is 120 000 sum.

The minimum amount of replenishment of the account is 1000 sum.

VIN is the body number, can be found in the data sheet, on most cars the VIN is located under the windshield in the lower corner on the driver's side.

Perhaps the VIN number of the car was registered earlier by the previous owner, contact technical support and provide documents for the car. It is worth considering that the letters I, O are not indicated in the VIN, instead of them the numbers 1 and 0, respectively.

State registration number for reference information, you can enter an arbitrary number or letters.

You can reset your password via the email you provided during registration.

You can call (78) 777-77-87 ext..2

The phone is open from Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00

You can write to the Telegram bot.