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Types of connectors

Types of connectors

All buyers of electric vehicles when choosing a car face the same problem - these are connectors and their types. What and where to connect, where to look - is it possible to charge at the nearest charging station, and how to avoid embarrassing situations on the road. At TOK BOR stations, for convenient use of the charging station, almost all connectors for connecting to electric vehicles offered on the Uzbek market are presented.

Let’s consider how to find out where to charge an electric car, and what types of connectors are there.

All TOK BOR stations are always connected to the server. Using our application, users immediately receive information about charging stations and their workload. To choose the right charging station, you need to know not only the type of electric vehicle connector, but also understand which station it is compatible with.

The first thing to understand is that all stations are divided among themselves into: DC (direct current) and AC (alternating current).

Here it must be said that on many models of electric vehicles there are two separate charging connectors. The meaning of this is that the AC connector is connected to the on-board inverter, which turns the AC into DC and supplies it to the battery. The DC connector is connected directly and is separated from the battery only by the control and protection electronics.

Important! Each of these systems has its own tolerances, minimum and maximum possible loads and power limitations. These indicators are individual for each model of an electric vehicle.

Due to the individual differences of electric vehicles, depending on the brands, models and years of production, further, speaking about the maximum charge power, we will only talk about the maximum allowable power that the charging station can deliver through the charging port. We cannot provide any specifics on how much your electric car model can take on - this information is in your instruction manual.

Alternating current (AC) stations have a capacity of up to 53 kW for three connectors, have the following typical connectors:

GBT AC – это китайский разъем переменного тока. На данный момент львиная доля импорта электромобилей приходится на Китай, этот разъём довольно востребованный, поэтому все станции TOK BOR переменного тока оснащены данными разъемами в трёхфазном исполнении, т.е. заряжаясь на наших станциях переменного тока, такие электромобили как Tesla model 3 и Xpeng P7 смогут принимать все три фазы и заражаться в три раза быстрее.

  • Фаза – однофазный, трехфазный;
  • Максимальная мощность, кВт до 22 (пороговая 44);
  • Максимальное напряжение, В – 400;
  • Сила тока, А – 63;
  • Контактов, шт. – 7.

Type2 (Mennekes) – is a European three-phase connector, adopted as a standard in Europe and in many other CIS countries, each TOK BOR station is equipped with this connector, because it is one of the most versatile, and there are adapters for any car.

  • Фаза – single-phase, three-phase;
  • Maximum power, kW up to 22 (threshold 44);
  • Maximum voltage, V - 400;
  • Current strength, A - 63;
  • Contacts, pcs. – 7.

GBT AC – is a Chinese AC connector. At the moment, the  vast majority of imports of electric vehicles comes from China, this connector is quite in demand, so all AC TOK BOR stations are equipped with these connectors in a three-phase version, i.e. charging at our AC stations, electric vehicles such as the Tesla model 3 and Xpeng P7 will be able to accept all three phases and become infected three times faster.

  • Phase - single-phase, three-phase;
  • Maximum power, kW up to 22 (threshold 44);
  • Maximum voltage, V - 400;
  • Current strength, A - 63;
  • Contacts, pcs. – 7.

Type 1 (J1772) – is an American single-phase connector, the smallest of those presented, is not widely used on our market, however, Korean Hyundai and American Bolt are still looking for such connectors, and for this reason, since 2022, our company has introduced a new charger station having this connector along with the others.

  • Phase - single-phase;
  • Maximum power, kW up to 9;
  • Maximum voltage, V - 230;
  • Current strength, A - 40;
  • Contacts, pcs. - 5.

Direct current (DC) stations have a power of up to 120 kW and have the following typical connectors:

GBT DC - это китайский разъем постоянного тока, являющийся самым популярным коннектором на рынке Узбекистана. Так как на наших дорогах представлено большое число электрокаров, завезенных именно из Китая, коннектором GBT DC мощностью от 40 до 200 кВт оснащена каждая станция TOK BOR

  • Максимальная мощность постоянного тока, кВт – 40, 100, 140, 200
  • Максимальное напряжение, В – 450;
  • Сила тока, А – 250
  • Контактов, шт. – 5+2 и 3+2

To date, we are making every effort to make this connector work at full capacity and please our users with the ability to quickly charge.

CCS Combo 2 is the most powerful DC connector, adopted as a standard in Europe and in most CIS countries, in fact, it is an improved version of Type 2, with the addition of two additional contacts. All TOK BOR DC stations are equipped with this connector.

  • Maximum direct current power, kW - 60, 90, 120;
  • Maximum voltage, V - 400;
  • Current strength, A - 22
  • Contacts, pcs. – 5+2 and 3+2.

CCS Combo 1 – is an American DC connector, for the convenience of our electric vehicles, we plan to install it in many DC stations, as we have the ability to place more than 2 connectors in the station.

  • Maximum direct current power, kW - 60, 90, 120;
  • Maximum voltage, V - 400;
  • Current strength, A - 225
  • Contacts, pcs. – 5+2 and 3+2.

CHAdeMO, in our opinion, a connector that will not be widely used in the country, is used either by the outdated Nissan Leaf or by the American Tesla through an adapter, the standard in version 2.0 is able to pass only 50 kW / h, 

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